AYA Foreign Currency Account

November 23, 2016

AYA Foreign Currency Account

Foreign currency account is a non-interest bearing current account and is designed for customers who want to minimize foreign exchange risk while maximizing payment efficiency in foreign currency.

  • Safe keeping of foreign currencies
  • Investment in foreign currencies
  • Hedge against fluctuation in foreign currencies
  • Settlement account for foreign exchange purchase and sale service of bank
  • Use of cheques for settlement between customers of our bank
  • The account would require to facilitated by SWIFT remittance and letter of credit transactions


  • Non – Interest
  • Operating Instruments
    • Cheque
    • Monthly Bank Statement
  • Minimum Balance
    • USD 50 or equivalent for Non-individual
    • USD 10 or equivalent for individual
  • Currency
    • USD
    • Euro
    • SGD