June 29, 2017



Have your ever thought of how to be in touch with your bank account

and its transaction 24/7?

  • Be notified of suspicious acitvity in order to prevent fraudenlent and secure customers’ bank account information and their privacy.
  • Simply sign up and apply for SMS alert service at your nearest branches, just by having savings account and mobile number.
  • Getting an instant SMS notification immediately after any transaction above 20,000 ks for transactions such as ATM Withdraw, POS Transactions in shops, mBanking/ iBanking bill payment transactions, and money transfer.
  • Eligible to use with all three Telecommunication (Telenor, MPT, Ooredoo).
  • Able to link all your saving accounts to a specific mobile number.


Anyone who has any AYA Saving and Current Accounts can sign up and apply AYA SMS Alert Service.

It is important to us that you fully understand the fees and charges related to the AYA SMS alert service.

The charges collection is the post-paid model which will debit 1,500 Kyats from each given account on the monthly anniversary date of the registration. In the case of insufficient funds on the date of debiting from the account, the bank will charge (2) months service charges on the debit day of the following month. If the account has no sufficient funds for two consecutive months of debiting, SMS Alert Service will be terminated.

Processing Fee : There are no application fees or processing fees.

Monthly Fee : 1,500 Ks for per account (Individual). 3,000 Ks for Corporate

Cancellation Fee : There are no cancellation fees or charges. However, 1 month notice period of service termination must be given to the bank.

For Existing Customer


  • NRC Number


  • BOD Resolution (Meeting minutes)
  • Only authorized person can apply

For New Customer

  • If individual, need to open new savings account and apply for SMS Alert Service.
  • If corporate, need to open corporate savings account and apply for SMS Alert Service.

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