AYA SWIFT Telegraphic Transfer

November 25, 2016

AYA SWIFT Telegraphic Transfer

A very fast, safe and reliable way of transferring money between two persons or entities anywhere in the world through use of AYA’s wide correspondent relationships and the SWIFT network.

  • Outward SWIFT Telegraphic Transfer
  • Sending money to beneficiaries outside Myanmar from your account with AYA Bank
  • Inward SWIFT Telegraphic Transfer
  • Receiving funds to your account in Myanmar from senders outside Myanmar


  • Very fast, the recipient is able to receive the funds quickly usually within 24 hours
  • Very safe with practically no risk of loss as bank uses their correspondent banking relationship to conduct settlement
  • Reliability ensured as banks have the necessary internal infrastructure and send and receive messages through authenticate SWIFT messages to ensure that the transfer is executed in a timely fashion and to good order


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