Ayeyarwady Foundation donated 50000 Kyats cash per patient.


On February 13, 2015 Ayeyarwady Foundation donated 50000 Kyats cash per patient to 73 less-fortunate patient and all 300 children from across the country taking treatment in Yankin Children Hospital received a toy as a gift too. In this donation Ayeyarwady Foundation members together with Max Myanmar Holding employees, AYA Bank and Ayeyar Myanmar Insurance employees were participated. In addition, participated in donating and serving Biryani lunch to a total of 420 health care personals including doctors, nurses form Yankin Children Hospital. Ayeyarwady Foundation has been main source of fund which has been providing three meals daily to child-patient and their guard in Yankin Children Hospital since two years ago. In the same way Ayeyarwady Foundation has been continuously supporting treatment cost for the less-fortunate child-patients and as well as surgical cost for the children suffering from heart diseases. As always the Ayeyarwady Foundation has been supporting mainly on education and health of the children as the future of the country lies in this hand of good son and daughter of the country.