Ayeyarwady Foundation has been providing emergency ambulance services


Ayeyarwady Foundation has been providing emergency ambulance services within YCDC territory in association with Emergency Ambulance Services Foundation which is supervised by Myanmar Medical Association. So far Ayeyarwady Foundation have donated a total of 16 ambulance cars to organizations and Townships form various places and  as Ayeyarwady Foundation remain committed to saving life of patient timely the Foundation will increase its efforts by making available ambulances further where it is needed. To date, Ayeyarwady Foundation has donated- 3 ambulance cars to Myanmar Medical Association, 2 to Yankin Children Hospital, 1 to Sports Department Nay Pyi Taw, 1 each to Kanblu, Labutta, Maubin, Zalun, ChaungTha, Hinthada, Falam and twice to Pathein (once on 12.4.2013). As the list show Ayeyarwady Foundation has put a great deal of efforts to the transportation of emergency patient in Ayeyarwady Region.

The list of ambulance cars donated by Ayeyarwady Foundation

Recipient Name Number of Ambulance cars
Kanbalu 1
Labutta 1
Maubin 1
Pathein 2
Zalun 1
ChaungTha 1
Hinthada 1
Falam 1
Yankin Children Hospital 2
Myanmar Medical Association 3
Sports Dept. NYPT 1