Ayeyarwady Foundation has donated education-support materials


Ayeyarwady Foundation has donated education-support materials such as books, pencils, school uniforms etc. to the children from the primary school of Shwe Thaung Yan Sub-township, Aung MinglarKyaun village form Chaukaung village tract, UoTo village, Seikgyi village and Chaukaung village, Ayeyarwady Region.

In the same time with the purpose of making education available to the less-fortunate Ayeyarwady Foundation has donated 30,000 kyats per primary student, 50,000 Kyats per middle school student, 100,000 Kyats per high school student to a total of 37 students for their educational expenses. Similarly Ayeyarwady Foundation provided 20,000 Kyats per teacher for all 16 teachers form the said schools.

Further, Ayeyarwady Foundation built and donated 11 million Kyats new school building to Aung Minglar Kyun village No.153 primary school. Lastly but not least Ayeyarwady Foundation extends its donation to maintenance work of schools located along Pathein-ChaungTha main rood. Ayeyarwady Foundation donated 7.6 million Kyats for UoTo village No.187 primary school refurbishment and 1.6 million Kyats for a well, ladder and other reparation work of No.197 primary school from Seikgyi village. Chaukaung village No.54 post-primary school receives a donation worth 900,000 Kyats for its desk and building reparation work.