Bill Payment Step-by-Step Guide

November 30, 2016

Bill Payment Step-by-Step Guide

Step-by-Step Guide for Internet Banking and Mobile Banking
If you have AYA Internet Banking.

1. Please log into your account on iBanking.

2. Go to “Payment” tab on the left

3. Select “Payment online” tab on left and click on “Bill Payment”.

4. Choose your “debit account” for payment deduction.

5. Select the “Corporate” you want pay.

6. Then fill in required details correctly.

7. Proceed to click “confirm”.

8. Enter 6 digits one-time-used-password retrieved from OTP device.

Step-by-step Guide for mBanking
If you have AYA Mobile Banking

Bill Payment Step-by-Step Guide with your Smart Phone(s) or Tablet(s)

1. Click on “AYA Bank” Application on your smart phone or tablet to log into your account.

2. Type in your “user name” and “password” correctly.

3. Click on “Bill Payment” tab at the bottom to proceed to next step.

4. Choose the account you want the payment to be deducted.

5. Choose a “corporate” you would like to make a payment.

6. Enter all the required fields to proceed.

7. Enter the “amount” from your bill and click “next” to pay.

8. Mark “OTPToken” and click “ok” to proceed.

9. Type in the 6 digits one-time-password from your OTP device. Your payment is successfully made.