Corporate Internet Banking

October 26, 2021

Corporate Internet Banking

AYA Bank’s Corporate Internet Banking is the simple and secure way of banking transaction from the comfort of your home , office or anywhere in the world at any time.
Experience the new Corporate Internet Banking facility with fast , simple and reliable system for a better day , avoiding the queues and delays of the traditional way.

Under Account Services,users can search transaction status,view account,summary,history and download history.

View Account's Statement

View Account's Overview

Download Account's statement

Under Payment Services,user can do own account and other AYA account transfer,Bulk transfer,cheque book request and stop cheque.

Own Account Transfer

Other AYA Account's Transfer

Bulk Transfer

Cheque Book Request and Stop Cheque

Administration enables users to change profile,do beneficiary maintenance and create alert .

Change Profile

Create Alert

Beneficiary Maintenance

Authorization Matrix allows control to user access by amount limits and different control group.

One level can create internet banking transactions and to complete it,another authorized level user need to approve the transactions.



Simple and secure way of transacting, accessing the accounts from anywhere at any time.

Secure and Reliable System

Secured channels used so that customer’s transaction and data are fully protected from loss or theft.

Save Time and Cost

Do not need to go to the bank’s premise to conduct transactions, saving time and money.


Transactions are done in real-time

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AYA Bank offer 2 packages:

1.Basic Package

(For corporate that need standard features,with two makers and one checker)

2.Basic Package

(For corporate that need standard features with unlimited users)

  • Download account’s statement in csv/pdf/MT940
  • Register beneficiaries in bulk
  • Transaction can be saved as template for future use
  • Transact at one click by using previous transaction

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