CSR Activities (2015-2016)

Save-Paper-212x300 Seat-Belt-700x990 Save-Energy-700x990 Recycle-212x300

For the fiscal year 2015-2016, AYA Bank’s CSR efforts were more geared towards educating and creating awareness for being environmentally friendly and socially responsible.

One of our main initiatives was the Awareness Program with the theme “Save Paper, Save Trees, Save The Environment” for our internal customers. Awareness stickers were shared across Headquarter and branches of AYA Bank to educate and remind our employees to decrease unnecessary usage of paper, electricity and water. Stickers were placed in visible areas and locations where common use of office equipment are at and also other areas such as Bathrooms, Toilets and Doors.

Another awareness program we embarked on was to educate and make aware on the importance of having separated bins for recyclable waste. This program benefits both our internal customers (employees), external customers (bank customers) as well as other stakeholders (visitors, vendors, etc) as separate bins for dumping of such waste have been put across at both the Head office level and our Yangon branches.

As another awareness initiative, we organized a Seat Belt Campaign Movement for the general public on 4th March to be responsible drivers and citizens. Corporate Affairs Department initiated the campaign and AYA Bank staff joined in efforts to distribute the Seat Belts and awareness stickers to our Customers’ cars, and those of the general public who have been commuting around Yangon city hall area. This initiative was very well received.

AYA Bank’s objective in carrying out such awareness programs is to also actively play a part in the improvement of the country’s socio aspects and not only proactively participate in economic development.