Donation for Baby Nan Hnin Hnin Aung


Baby Nan Hnin Hnin Aung was born in Lawe Mut village, Pinloon Township, Loi Lin district, Shan State (south) with four legs. But in March, She went back to her village with only two legs after a surgery that she underwent to remove her extra limbs in Yankin Children Hospital was successful. And last week Nan Hnin Hnin Aung had to come back to Yankin Children Hospital again for sixth months post-surgery check-up. All the living, traveling, treatment and check-up expenses were sponsored by Ayeyarwady Foundation for the baby and her mother Daw Nan Naung Naung and as well as their accompany, Daw Nan Kyu Kyu Khun who is Shan South district secretary of Maternity and Child Care. After conducting all the required check-up, the specialist and doctors confirm that the Child is healthy and growing as normal child does and it was seen that the child is able to walk well also.

The Child that make front page new of Bangkok Post as “The child that challenged Myanmar Medical World” is doing well now after such a successful surgery means huge success and honor for the participated surgeons in the surgery and Ministry of Health and as well as Ayeyarwady Foundation.

It was learnt that as the Child has good medical record she only has to come back after one year from now for next post-surgery check-up. Ayeyarwady Foundation hope Nan Hnin Hnin Aung can live healthy and happily with her parents, grand-parents and tow elder sisters age 7and 4 and in the future she will be able to play with her friends from the village and live as happily as other children form the village do. Ayeyarwady Foundation would like to wish well for her to grow up educated well and may a beautiful life be possessed.