Donation of surgical operation by Ayeyarwady Foundation

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On February 11, 2015 the daughter of U Maung Lwin and Daw Htay, child Ma Phu Pwint Malar from Eingyin village, Daik-U Township, Bago region underwent a successfully surgery to removed two extra limbs as she was born with four legs. Baby Ma Phu Pwint Malar was born on 14th September 2013 and has five siblings, she arrived Yankin Children Hospital just after 3 days from the day she was born. As it was too young for a surgery she had to wait for a time and Ayeyarwady Foundation bare all cost including surgical cost, daily living cost of her stay in the hospital. A team comprising members of 8 surgical specialist, 6 orthopedic, 13 anesthetist, 4 nephrologists, 3 diagnosis, 22 nurses, 7 information and communication personals, 4 administration personals and 4 guest relation personals plus personals of Yankin Children Hospital (admin), 18 operating room (OR) guest relation personals, 7 supporting and assisting personals had cooperated and worked together under the guidance of the Ministry of Health for the surgical operation of Ma Phu Pwint Malar. The surgery begun at 6am on that day and completed at 4pm, lasting 10 hours, turn out to be a successful one as expected.

In September, 2014 also Ayeyarwady Foundation donated cash for the cost of required heart surgery cost for 4 children. All four surgeries went well and now all four children will be able to carry on their future as healthy one. The recipient of donation are Mg Kaung Khant Zaw age four form Mandalay, Ma Su Eindray Khin age six live in Hlegu, Mg Kaung Thant age eleven from Kyone Pyaw and Ma Zin Wai Phyo age twelve live in Shwe Pyi Thar. Mg Kung Khant Zaw and Ma Su Eindray Khin received half of their surgery cost of 700,000 Kyats each, Mg Kaung Thant and Ma Zin Wai Phyo received full surgery cost of 1,500,000 Kyats each. By contributing to the cost as much as the patient can afford will give a chance in turn to reach out many more children who are in real need of such donation and support. Therefore patient bare the cost up to the amount they can afford and the needed amount is donated by Ayeyarwady Foundation in that way we will be able to make effective and sufficient support and donation to the one in real need for a long, long time. Ayeyarwady Foundation is proud and happy for children’s success in terms of health and wishes well for all of them to possess happy, healthy and successful future.

The news about their patient doing well will bring great joy and delight to the surgeons and doctors who were participated in the surgery and it was with this purpose Ayeyarwady Foundation would like to share this good news. In Yankin Children Hospital, heart surgery team lead by Dr. Win Win Kyaw who is the professor of Heart surgery ward and his fellow doctors, nurses and other health care personals have been performing heart surgery to the children and Ayeyarwady Foundation has donated 50 million Kyats to a total of 51 heart patients to undergo heart surgery. On last August 22nd Ayeyarwady Foundation has established another 50 million Kyats fund that will be able to provide required heart surgery to at least another 50 child-heart-patients.