Liquidity Management

November 25, 2016

Liquidity Management

Improve and optimize your liquidity through automated sweeping of funds

With AYA, your liquidity needs are carefully and efficiently managed through our comprehensive account and liquidity management solutions which will add value to your business and make it easier for you to manage a group of accounts.

Automatically move funds between the company’s accounts to improve cash flow and earn interest on excess funds.

  • Maintain multiple current accounts and want to concentrate their excess funds into a central account
  • Maintains excess balances in accounts to cover expected or unexpected payments
  • Has multiple accounts which require significant administration
  • Frequently transfers funds between accounts
  • Has the need to fund a separate payroll or expense disbursement account
  • Make consolidated idle cash available to other current accounts as additional funding for payments
  • Optimize your consolidated cash balance by sweeping excess cash from a non-interest bearing account into an interest-bearing account that gives a higher interest rate
  • Eliminate the hassle of having to manually report, track and reconcile the company’s various accounts
  • Reports on account activities are made available and easily accessible by the company’s authorized

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