Loan and Advances

June 7, 2019

Loan and Advances

Lien Letter
Lien Letter is an agreement letter in which Bank has a Borrower’s consent to obtain or control their deposits or receivable account when there is an absent of repayment of loan or their obligations. It is suitable for the individual who want to borrow money by giving their savings account as a collateral.

Project Financing
AYA Bank will provide long term financing of business’s infrastructure, industrial projects and public services based on your cash flows of the projects.

Invoice Financing
AYA Bank shall give the cash in advance to get better cash flow for trading businesses. The sellers or buyers may discount their invoices to obtain better liquidity. The bank may provide short-term advanced money to companies’ receivables or help them pay their due invoices.

Floor Stock Financing
Floor Stock Financing of AYA Bank is mainly targeted at the automobile industry in which Automobile Dealers are able to pledge their vehicles with AYA Bank and get required finance for their businesses, enabling better liquidity.