November 29, 2016


Why Choose AYA mBanking 2.0 ?

AYA Mobile Banking 2.0, also known as AYA mBanking, is a mobile application for managing your money at AYA Bank from anytime, anywhere. You can manage your accounts, credit cards, transfer money, pay bills at ease with a few simple steps.

Upon Sign up and Activation, you will be able to access the full suite of features, easier navigation and quicker shortcuts to save your time.

This is a free of charge service with every AYA Bank account opening, please visit your nearest AYA Bank Branch if you have not registered. The user name and password can be used to sign in from browser for Internet Banking and Mobile Banking app. To Download our app, please search for “AYA Mobile Banking 2.0” at Google PlayStore or App Store.        

Financial Transactions

Request Money

You can request money from other AYA account holder by sending a QR code of his/her bank account and ask payee to simply scan and pay.

Fast Pay (Own)

You can transfer money to its own account with Fast Pay just a few simple steps.


Fast Pay (Other)

You can transfer to other AYA accounts with Fast Pay by just a few simple steps.

Fast Pay (Billing Organization)

You can make payment by easier and faster way via AYA mBanking less than normal transfer steps.

Fast Pay (Top Up)

You can top up mobile by easier and faster way via AYA mBanking less than normal top up steps.

Scan QR & Pay

For Easy Payments, QR allows a simple scan of Codes for every transactions.

ATM Withdrawal

You can withdrawal money at any AYA ATM without your bank card by initiating ATM Withdrawl straight from AYA mBanking app.

Pay Billing Organization

This is payment service which allows you to make payment to the participating billing organizations from your bank account directly via AYA mBanking with bill reference number which is provided by the billing organization.

Fund Transfer (Own)

You can transfer to his/her own AYA accounts via AYA mBanking.

Fund Transfer (Other)

User can transfer to other AYA accounts via AYA mBanking.

Pay Credit Card Bill

This is payment service which allows you to make credit card repayment to the AYA Bank Credit Card from your bank account directly via AYA mBanking.

Top Up Mobile Numbers

Top up your mobile phone, reloading phone bill directly to prepaid mobile phone to enjoy the services offered by all operators.

Foreign Exchange Transfer

You can transfer to other AYA USD accounts or own USD accounts followed by the exchange rate of transfer time.

Non-Financial Transactions

Biometric Login

Convenience and secure by biometric login, Verified by your finger print or face ID provided by device by setting up at your phone setting and enable at the AYA Mobile Banking app.

Transaction History

You can see last 3 months transaction under respective account.

Push Notification

You will receive notifications for adding payee list and every financial transactions of your account.

Dark Mode

You can change your device screen to a dark mode theme to be able to use conveniently at night time or in poor lighting area.

Forgot Password (Self Request)

You can request password byself via AYA mBanking version 2.0 by filling and submitting application form and will receive default password via SMS or email within 2 working days.

Fast Pay Management

You can add and remove template to make fast pay for transfer(own),transfer(other),bill payment and top up mobile number.(only 4 templates for one type)

Manage Payee

You can register and remove other AYA Bank account for third party transfer via mBanking. It’s an address book with your payment contacts that you can quickly send money to.

Personal Information

You can check their information such as Name, NRC, Date of Birth, registered email and registered phone number and can change profile picture.

Manage Card

You can view card information, change status and make card repayment transactions

Card Status

For emergency cases, you can easily change card status as active or block the card should you need to.

Exchange Rate

You can easily check real-time currency exchange rates of AYA USD, EURO and Singapore dollar.

Faculty Calculator

Customer can make loan calculation for estimated monthly repayment for hire purchase of home loan, auto loan and check interest rates for saving and fixed deposit.

Product and Services

Customer can view and check products and services that can be available from AYA bank.


User can give feedback to AYA mBanking.

ATM & Branch Locator

User can see the nearest ATM Location & Branches.

You can easily register for AYA Mobile Banking Service at any AYA Branches.

Fee charges for remittance on AYA Mobile Banking.

DescriptionFeesFee Range
(Transaction Amount)
Transaction Limit
Own AccountFOC-20,000,000 MMK per transaction
100,000,000 MMK per day
Other AYA Account200 MMK1 to 5,000,000 MMK
500 MMKAbove 5,000,000 MMK

Subject to change. Please visit our website for updated information.