Second COVID-19 Booster Vaccination Campaign for Staff to Maintain Long-Term Immunity

On 24th September 2022, AYA Bank rolled out COVID-19 booster vaccination campaign for all staff in Yangon to help our people maintain strong protection from coronavirus disease. The vaccination arrangements were conducted at our head offices, ROWE office in Kyauktadar Township and River View office in Ahlone Township.

As part of the steps we have taken to decrease risk of coronavirus infection, we offered booster shot to all staff who were fully vaccinated for more than six months. AYA Bank further arranged booster shot in the following week for staff who missed the day to ensure the full coverage of our vaccination campaign. The campaign has been organized with the support of SML Medical and Diagnostics Center and more than 1700 staff received their booster dose.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, AYA Bank follows the guidelines of Ministry of Health and place preventive measures at workplace for both offices and branches. Maintaining a safe and healthy working environment for all our staff and customers is our top priority. Vaccination campaign is a critical step in the fight to COVID-19 and our heartfelt thanks to everyone working together to make this happen.