Social Sustainability

December 1, 2016

Social Sustainability

Joint Effort with Ayeyarwady Foundation

For AYA Bank, CSR has been an inherited and inbuilt element of its culture from the day the Bank was founded. Our CSR activities are largely implemented directly or through the Ayeyarwady Foundation. The Bank’s contribution includes several pioneering interventions, with a focus to support the wellbeing of the community.

Since the beginning of COVID-19 pandemic in Myanmar in March 2020, AYA Bank, in collaboration with the Ayeyarwady Foundation, has been at the forefront to control the impact of the pandemic. The most significant project is, setting up of a temporary COVID-Care Hospital with a capacity of more than 500 beds with 100 medical staff and volunteers in Thuwanna, Yangon, to treat coronavirus infected patients. Along the CSR journey, AYA Bank conducted socio-economic development activities through Ayeyarwady Foundation in various sectors such as education, health, environment, disaster response and microfinance.

Community Development

We are building an inclusive organization that prioritizes the well-being of our community, invests in healthy lifestyle and hence, our CSR activities become a single tool that can support for sustainability.

We work with local schools, colleges, and universities to provide financial assistance in nurturing the education of the younger generations. We organize continuous learning & development programs, education sponsorship and flexible working hours to accommodate with part time courses for staff. We also work with local hospitals, dispensaries, and other civil society organizations providing healthcare services to public, whether these entities are public, private or NGOs. As incorporated in our CSR policy, AYA Bank participate in multiple philanthropic activities at large to support areas in need.

We encourage our employees to participate in community services organized by the Bank such as tree planting for environment, seat belt campaign for safety, blood donation for health, providing clean water and other necessary basic needs for disaster response and volunteering at AYA Quarantine Center in combating COVID-19 pandemic.

Gender Equality

Everyone should be treated equally and have equal opportunity to work towards the development of the organization, and the nation. Gender equality is essential to achieve harmonious, productive working environment and peaceful societies. In AYA, we take various steps to reduce gender bias in recruitment and selection as well as allocation of career development opportunities within organization. We take steps to make the process more accountable and transparent in opportunities for both men and women in access to employment and to positions of leadership and decision-making at all levels. With commitment to gender equality, we have good ratio of male to female staff from junior level to Executive and Board Management as 46% male and 54% female at operational level, 34% male and 66% female at managerial level, 65% male and 35% female at strategic level. The collective workforce of the organization is made up of 45% male and 55% female.

Human Rights

AYA Bank believes that human rights are important to successful and sustainable social development, and accordingly the Bank considers it is imperative to mainstream human rights issues in all of its operations. AYA bank has its own Human Rights Policy and Code of Ethical Conduct which are adopted from Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Ten Principles of UNGC. Align with strong policies, we honor human rights practically in all aspects for following key stakeholders:


Relevant sessions of the human rights policy are incorporated in the staff orientation and trainings along with workplace ethic and non-discrimination policy. The bank established Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) on how to deal with human rights violations. The whistle blowing policy is also in place to allow raising concerns about any wrongdoing or malpractice of employees. To ensure the compliance and take necessary actions, HR committee reviews grievance reports regularly.



We pay due regard to the interests of our customers and treat them fairly. People with good customer service skills are invaluable assets to the Bank. AYA Bank’s external grievance handling procedure also provides an opportunity for customers to raise their grievance formally, related to the Bank’s staff or service. Accordingly, problematic areas can be identified and improved to ensure smooth customer experience in the future. Grievance hotline has been set up for human rights grievances and customers are encouraged to report any suspected breach of human rights act through an established channel.



We encourage our staff to interact with community in a manner that respect human rights and recognize different culture. Our CSR initiatives intend to support community in various parts of Myanmar with diverse cultural backgrounds.

AYA Bank is the first bank to voluntarily undergo a human rights audit and to implement ILO recommendations. The Bank will continue to promote and advocate human rights norms and respect fundamental human rights for all our stakeholders.