Grievance Handling

December 2, 2016

Grievance Handling

Grievance Handling for Internal Stakeholders

Internal Grievance Line Email:
The objective of internal grievance handling procedure is to provide an opportunity for employees to raise an individual grievance formally on matters related to his/her employment or conditions of work where the normal and customary channel of discussion with their direct supervisor has been unable to resolve.
Staff’s grievances concerning non-compliance, unfair treatments and mismanagement from the Employer side can be sent anonymously or in candid form to the dedicated e-mail address at Responsible Grievance Officer from People Department submits the complaints to the Management Committee, ensures that the complaints are resolved properly in accordance with the guiding policy of the Bank and the settlement processes recorded.

Grievance Handling for External Stakeholders

External Grievance Line Phone Number: +95 1 2317777
External Grievance Line Email:
The objective of external grievance handling procedure is to provide an opportunity for external stakeholders (customers, suppliers, general public, etc.) to raise their grievance formally related to the Bank’s staff or service and accordingly, problematic areas can be identified and improved to ensure smooth customer experience in the future.
Stakeholders can transparently raise their concerns, discontents, disgruntlements and dissatisfactions via AYA’s Grievance Line, either over the phone: +95 1 2317777 (or) in writing to e-mail: Complaints received by the Grievance Line are directly resolved or submitted to concerning department / section as required to deliver consistent support and manage complaints in a timely manner. All complaints addressed to Grievance Line are followed up, monitored, reported to Management Committee and all settlement details are recorded.