Grievance Line

December 2, 2016

Grievance Line

Grievance Line No: 09:787877701
Grievance Line Email:
The objective of this procedure is to provide an opportunity for an employee to raise formally an individual grievance on matters relevant to his/her employment or conditions of service where the normal and customary channel of discussion with their direct supervisor has been unable to resolve the issue.

About Grievance Line
Customers can transparently complaint their discontents, disgruntlements and dissatisfactions to AYA’s customer service known as Grievance Line No: 09:787877701. Not only all the customers but also AYA staff can send email to Staff Committee (email:

The usage and useful way of Grievance Line is broadly described in AYA website for customer to understand clearly and at the same time resolving and handling the cases that complaint and AYA staff to Call Centre and Grievance Line regarding with AYA’s service. All the complaint cases are submitted to Management Committee and resolved cases are under recorded by respective sections. HR Department submitted complaint matters of Staff Committee email to Management Committee and all that processes are under recorded by HR Department.

Cases concerning about breaking the rules and mismanagement from Bank side and disputes that directly complaints to Grievance  Line from AYA’s customers also AYA branches throughout the country are submitted to Management Committee who solving these cases properly. Also there are some complaint cases on AYA Facebook (Social Media) from Bank staff and customers. For this cases, necessary actions are being made by Management Committee where complaint cases reported by Customer Service Team. The process is all direct complaints cases that receive from Grievance Line will report to Management Committee which is fully handling the disputes and also all detail settlements are under recorded.