Supporting Education and Health by Ayeyarwady Foundation


Ayeyarwady Foundation, the foundation that always supported for Education and Health has done it again by inaugurating and donating a 30ft x 120ft new five classroom building for Htain Pin village’s affiliated middle school, Thaton Township, Mon State on February 11, 2015. That school built in Htain Pin village which is located 7 miles from Yangon-Mawlamyine High-Way with four hundreds houses became 8th of such school built by Ayeyarwady Foundation within Mon State.

Ayeyarwady Foundation further donated for restoration of drinking-water-lake for Thoon Ein Su village and KG and Nursery school for Winehpone village in the said inauguration ceremony for new building of the school and to be able to pursue football as a sport, balls and sports uniforms were donated to the local children also. In 2013, Ayeyarwady Foundation built and donated four new school buildings for ShweyaungPya, AwinGyi, MiKyanugEin and KyaukTaung villages form Belin Township and in 2014, three new school buildings were built and donated for Thoon Ein Su, Sesune Matcha, Winehpone villages form Thaton Township. Similarly a local dispensary clinic was built and donated to Winehpone village and as a treatment cost, cash worth of 30 million kyats were donate to 112 less fortunate patient.

Ayeyarwady Foundation has been awarding scholarship to the students of Yangon Technical Institute, for the year 2014-15 a total of 10 first-year students were awarded the scholarship. The said recipient of this year awards were highflyers in their university entrance exam (matriculation exam) and as such scholarships were awarded with the aim of promoting the ability of youth who will lead the country in the future to be able to pursue their university education without worry. In the past also with the purpose of making university education available to the less-fortunate, Ayeyarwady Foundation has provided such support and a total of 22 students had graduated from the university. Similarly a total of 56 students from various college and university are studying with the support of Ayeyarwady Foundation.