AYA World Travel Card (VISA Prepaid)

November 28, 2016

AYA World Travel Card (VISA Prepaid)


One Card. Three Currencies

Wherever you’re headed, there are plenty of good reasons to go with a VISA Prepaid World Travel Card.
AYA Bank Visa Prepaid Card is a world travel card that allows cardholders to pay for purchases online and in stores overseas where Visa prepaid card is accepted.
Use your AYA Bank Visa Prepaid Card to enjoy the simplicity and convenience you’ve come to pay for goods and services in preferred currency while travelling.

Easy and Simple
Easy to use and reloadable, AYA Bank Visa prepaid card go wherever you do. No bank account needed.

Worldwide Acceptance
Use AYA Visa Prepaid for your world travel at over 30 million places where visa card is accepted – at hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues, ATMs and more. Eliminate the hassle of carrying cash for world travel and online payments as your AYA Visa Prepaid card is accepted worldwide. (Charges may apply for using your card abroad.)

Unmatched flexibility
The smart and safe alternative to carrying cash- it’s a world travel card that you can preload with up to three currencies (USD, Euro, SGD)- all at once.

Managing your money
With your Visa Prepaid card, you can access your money 24/7 through many ATMs worldwide to withdraw local currency from or to check your balance, anywhere you see the Visa acceptance mark. (Charges may apply for each cash withdrawal)

You’re going to love this card

Multi – Currency Wallet: Save more by paying with local currency to avoid currency conversion rate. AYA World Travel Card offers currency options (SGD, USD & Euro) to reload your card. Find out the branches for reloading your World Travel Card.

Tap & Pay with Visa Pay Wave
Hold your card on the secure Visa pay wave reader to pay for purchases of US $100 and below and no pin, no signature is required. Payment with AYA World Travel Card has never been faster and easier overseas with Visa PayWave.

Your security is our priority
Get an extra layer of security when you use your World Travel card online. AYA provides added protection to internet purchases by allowing you to use a password to authenticate payments. This ensures that only the genuine cardholder is making the purchase, giving greater peace of mind.

Micro Chip Technology
All AYA World Travel cards are now issued with chip technology that provides stronger security when used at terminals or ATMs that are chip-enabled.

Getting Started with AYA Bank Visa Prepaid Card

Get a card: You can apply for AYA Visa Prepaid Card at any AYA bank branches.

Activate and Register: Visit AYA bank branch to collect and activate your card to start using.

Top up: Load money into your card account.

Use: Make purchases everywhere Visa is accepted and for online payments.

Reload: Add funds to your card the same way you loaded it, whenever you run out.

AYA VISA Prepaid Card

Fee StructuresCorporate Individual
Card Fee(One time)10,000 MMK10,000 MMK
Cash Top Up Fee2,000 MMK2,000 MMK
PIN Change/Request1,000 MMK1,000 MMK
Balance Enquiry (Overseas ATM)Waived Waived
Balance/Statement Enquiry(Over the counter)WaivedWaived
Cash Withdrawal at Overseas ATM USD 3+ Overseas bank chargesUSD 3 + Overseas bank charges
Maximum ATM Cash Withdrawal Limit(per day)USD 500 or equivalentUSD 500 or equivalent
Card Re-issuance/ReplacementTreated as new card applicationTreated as new card application
Card Use LimitationRestricted for overseas use onlyRestricted for overseas use only

Myanmar citizens and foreigners over the age of 18 can apply for AYA Visa Prepaid Cards. Please visit your nearest AYA branch to apply.


AYA World Travel Card

To apply for AYA Visa prepaid (World Travel Card), simply fill in your application form along with your copy of NRC or Passport to apply for AYA World Travel Card.


AYA World Travel Corporate Card

AYA Visa prepaid corporate cards offer businesses a flexible, effective way of providing funds to employees or contractors. These cards are reloadable corporate card for employees / contractors to use for company purchases, travel payments, or to control expenditures.

Application Requirements:
1. FORM 6
2. FORM 26
3. BOD Resolution (Program Administrator and Corporate Cardholders)
4. Individual Application Forms for each cardholder (each employee)
5. Individual Applicant’s NRC or Passport copies