Engagement with Stakeholders

Our stakeholders Method of Engagement Involvement Scope of Engagement Action Party
Customers One-on-One dealings, Social media, Contact center, Surveys, Slogans, Campaign, Conference, Customer feedback forms at branches, AI/IT Continuously and Consistently Feedback on Customer services, Products, Technology advancement All frontline staff including Call center, Branch operations staff and Relationship managers
Shareholders Annual general meetings, Emails, Website, Annual reports, and relevant media platforms Annual basis, and as and when necessary Financial return, Share matters, Dividends, Roadmap, Corporate governance Board of directors, Secretariat section
Employees Emails, Internal working groups, Committees, Town-hall meetings, Intranet, Slogans Continuously and Consistently Bank's directions, Policies and Procedures, Occupational health and safety, Employees' welfare Corporate Affairs , Human Resources , Department Heads and Divison Heads
Board of Directors Leadership briefings, Meetings, Emails Monthly and, as and when necessary Bank strategies and policies, Corporate governance, Financial, Compliance and Regulatory matters Secretariat section
Government Regulatory Agencies Reports, Meetings, Workshops As and when necessary Regulatory compliance, Government policies, Instructions, and programs, Directives Executive Management
Vendors Meeting, Emails, Technical evaluation, Consultation As and when necessary Commercial proposal and all modes of agreements Purchasing Committee, Department Heads in relevant departments
Associations Networking events, Meetings, Emails As and when necessary Guidelines, Cooperation and Coordination Corporate Affairs , Financial Institution and relevant deparments
Other Financial Institutions Networking events, Meetings, Emails, Introductory sales calls As and when necessary Business coordination, Expansion Financial Instituation and relevant deparments
Community Community engagement programs, Corproate social responsibility programs, Civil society organizations, Community platform, Forum and through relevant Government agencies As and when necessary Development programs, Financial related aids ,and other related support Corporate communication section, Corporate social responsibility section , Marketing
Media Press release/ Conference, Advertisments, Interviews, Media related events, PR groups and Social media Consistently Products and services, Bank's updates and related financial matters Corporate communication section, Marketing Team