The journey starts from here. Make every transaction seamlessly with AYA Debit Cards that brings out Real You.


Purchase securely for all global products and services through online and POS

Shop, travel, dine with ease and make hassle-free transactions in overseas with AYA Universal Debit cards.

Use your debit card and get an instant cash at nearest ATM globally.

Get AYA debit card with $0 Annual fees and enjoy convenience, secured and easy payment method 24/7.

Fees and Charges

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Card Features

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How to Apply

The applicant must be Myanmar citizen or permanent residence, at least 18 years old.

To apply AYA Debit Card, visit nearest branch, bring along with NRC or Passport and fill application form.

Monitoring your payment
Monitor all your transactions and payment through AYA m-Baking and i-Banking.

Forgot your card PIN?

You can reset / change your PIN at nearest branch.

AYA MPU Card E-Commerce Registration

In order to allow MPU cardholder customers for buying online products and services, you are required to register and your current mobile number must be registered with AYA Bank.

Kindly note that registration will not be successful if your current mobile number is not registered with AYA Bank or updated in the system. Please visit the nearest AYA Branch with any proof of identity to register your phone number.


Debit Card is a card allowing the holder to transfer money electronically from their bank account when making a purchase.

Yes, remittance can be received in Debit card as it is connected with Bank account. The Bank has to do the integration work with remittance services.

Yes, Debit Card can be used for purchasing by using Point of Sales (POS) machine or E-commerce online. Payment is deducted directly from your account.

You can apply Debit Card during accout opening.
Please visit to any of AYA Branches with

  • * NRC Card,
  • * 2 License Photo,
  • * two guarantors of existing AYA Bank account holders, and
  • * initial deposit to open account (Eg. for Saving account 10000 Kyats).

4:1 Service

  • (1) UNIVERSAL Debit Card (MPU-JCB Co-Brand)
  • (2) Saving Book
  • (3) Application of m-Banking and
  • (4) i-Banking services will be provided and the interest can be enjoyed as per type of accounts.

Debit Card can also be linked with Current Account but interest will not be able to enjoy.

Bank will freeze your Debit Card / ATM Card for security reasons, if there is no trasactions made for 3 months . Please approach your nearest Branches with NRC card for re-activation of your card.

You’ll need to alert the Bank ASAP, so we can take steps to protect your account from fraud. Contact us at 01- 2317777 to freeze your Debit Card.
Approach to any Branch with your NRC card and saving book to apply replacement card. The replacement card will be charged at MMK 3,000.