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Celebrating Employee Appreciation Day at AYA Bank

Posted on March 01, 2024

As the calendar turns to March 1, 2024, AYA Bank is gearing up to celebrate “Employee Appreciation Day”. It is a pivotal moment dedicated to acknowledge the relentless efforts and contributions of our employees. This day serves as a potent reminder for us to express gratitude towards our workforce, the very backbone of our success and growth.

The significant event took place at AYA Bank’s head offices, Rowe and River View, as a come-and-go reception for the whole day. Since there is no better time than today to express our appreciation to the employees, we took this opportunity to celebrate in many ways to show how much we value them.  In the morning of this special day, senior management and head of departments make a public recognition by using stickers, giving flowers and say ‘thank you’ to employees to make a warm welcoming office entrance. Thank you notes were also distributed from seniors to their teams and between collagues. It’s a small gesture but it means a lot to them and can go a long way. The celebration continued in the afternoon; taking everyone out for ice cream to give them a chance to breathe a sigh of relief, spend some time away from work, and enjoy a tasty treat. More than anything, Head of Divisions importantly made arrangements to celebrate at branches on the same day, to make our remote workforce feel included, boost morale and cheer loud.

“Our success wouldn't be possible without hard work and dedication from all of you. You all are more than just an employee; everyone is a valuable part of our AYA family “, said U Myint Zaw, Chief Executive Officer of AYA Bank in the video message delivered to everyone at AYA Bank. Daw Jasmine Thazin Aung, Deputy CEO of AYA Bank said, “We’ve been through thick and thin together. Every effort to improve the business deserves to be appreciated. Your unwavering commitment to our mission and values is well recognized and thank you all for making AYA Bank a wonderful place to work.” 

We extended our appreciation to People Department for organizing this auspicious celebration. We are always on the lookout to motivate our employee and recognize the contribution made by every staff member, right from frontline staff to executives, every individual’s role is significant to the collective success of the company.