Need to purchase new assets for your business without the stress of having to pay large upfront costs?
AYA Bank offers a hire purchase finance option to meet your needs.

Hire purchase finance can be used for a variety of assets, ranging from heavy machinery, equipment, vehicle to shop house.

All You Need to Know

It is a fixed rate loan, so interest rates tend to be cost effective

You can utilize the asset while paying back in instalments over a set period of time

You will legally own the item once all the instalments have been paid in full

Why You Should Apply

Companies can purchase necessary assets quickly

Cost of repaying is spread over a fixed period without impact on working capital

AYA Bank offers competitive interest rate

It is flexible, straightforward and relatively easy to apply

How to Qualify

Credit Score

Does your business have minimum credit score for Business Loan Eligibility? Different credit scores needed for different types of business loans. It ultimately determines loan amount, repayment schedules, etc.

Cash Flow

You can qualify for hire purchase financing on the basis of your cash flow.


Asset to be financed is secured as collateral in hire purchase agreement.

Down Payment

The down payment requirement can range from 10% to 30% for the eligible borrowers. The actual amount can vary by the loan type and the borrower’s qualifications

What We Offer

Heavy Machinery HP

Buy heavy machinery with us and dedicate your cash flow to more valuable channels!

You can get financing for the heavy machinery while avoiding the financial risk and administrative burden of owning vehicle fleets. AYA Bank made convenient for both sides. Under our heavy machinery HP, seller can become bank’s authorized dealer and buyer can purchase with the bank’s HP scheme.

AYA Bank provides a convenient option to ownership while paying off and maintenance and value-added services are included. The finance company guarantees the resale value of the vehicle at the end of the contract purchase agreement for a known, fixed amount.


Financing Amount

You will be able to get funds up to 70% of the price of the heavy machinery you plan to buy for your business. It depends on your credit score, etc.

Interest Rate

Arrangement for flat rate as low as 10%.

Repayment Terms

Flexible terms to meet your requirements with variable duration and mileage terms, up to 5 years.

Shop House

Business loan for shop owners with affordable rate

Business owners can own shop or shop house instead of paying monthly rentals. Benefit from AYA shop house hire purchase scheme for purchasing a commercial property (store, office or warehouse, for example).


Financing Amount

The maximum loan amount you can get is 70% of the agreement value.

Interest Rate

Business loan for shops come with normal interest rates of 13% per annum.

Repayment Terms

Under AYA Bank’s shop house HP, an installment repayment with variable loan tenors is up to 5 years.

Auto Loan (Corporate)

Purchase the equipment you need to keep your business rolling

If your company relies on one or more vehicles, AYA business auto loan is the way to go. We provides an affordable way to buy a car, van or truck for business advantage. You can select vehicles from the AYA Bank’s authorized dealers, apply at any AYA branches with minimum down-payment and variable loan tenor.


Financing Amount

We offer maximum funds 70% for commercial auto loans with minimum initial down payment 30%.

Interest Rate

Annual interest rates start at 9%.

Repayment Terms

Loan tenor is convenient and variable with options up to 5 years.

Equipment Loan

Helping you get financing for the equipment essential to run your business

AYA Bank’s financing options for costly equipment such as computers, vehicles, machinery, electronic appliances, etc. to accelerate the growth of your business. We make it easy to separate your business and equipment expenses.


Financing Amount

Eligible business owners could receive up to 70% of equipment value.

Interest Rate

Starting interest rate from 10%.

Repayment Terms

Periodic repayments up to 10 years.

Medical Equipment HP

Build a top-class healthcare facility with AYA Medical Equipment Loan

Medical equipment financing by AYA Bank for companies, clinics and hospitals certified by the Ministry of Health. We offer a convenient buying of hire purchase for medical equipment with monthly repayment plan. A wide variety of standard health care solutions, certified by the Ministry of Health, can be purchased from our authorized dealers, and equipped to develop your health care facility.


Financing Amount

Loan amount can be availed for minimum MMK 500,000 up to MMK 1,000 million

Interest Rate

Starting interest rate from 10% per annum

Repayment Terms

Loan is repayable in 3 years

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